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Thanks Dan!  I'll check the price of the 3500 regularly.  Hopefully they have a big Labor Day sale!   :thumbup:

Don't be trying to sneak in a snark about unreliable R1s there Eric!

Just because you're a Suzuki guy and all jealous and whatnot.


BTW - have also heard good things about the Predator generators - though it does say something that there's MANY Honda and Yamaha generators around for many, many years.

The choice partially depends on how much it will be used. I think the Predator generators generally are pretty good. My big Honda has 2600 hours on it now with never one issue. It starts every time no matter how long it's been sitting, or how old the gas is. I'm not sure a Predator would be as reliable for so long, but for $850 you could by a new one every two or three years. If you put it in perspective that's the cost of two sets of tires, which some people will use in the course of a month. You could spend a lot on the front end and have something that will last you for twenty years, or get something that you know is going to be good for a while, and then replace it before you have to worry about it letting you down.

Thanks Mike and John!  It sounds like there are not any bad choices here, just different choices.   :thumbup:

If I remember correctly, I paid just under $800 for mine with the 2 year extended warranty.

As the guy working at the HF store said "use it for 2 years and 364 days, then bring it back and say there is a problem with it and we will replace it no questions asked. Only have to buy the extended warranty on the replaced machine for $120 and you are covered for 3 more years"

Now, I probably will not be doing that, because as of today as I have ethics, but who knows in another 1 1/2 years....


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