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Benefits of upgraded master cylinder?

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If everything is in order and you still don’t like the feeling then a new MC is probably in order. I mention the other items because a new MC doesn’t help much if you have bad fluid or a little air in the line. To get all the air out of my lines I usually bleed the brakes until I can’t get anymore air out. Then I put a rubber band around the lever and leave it over night. Never fail more air comes out in the morning. Not enough to cause a failure, but enough that I’m sure it could cause some inconsistent action. But enough of my harping on air and fluid.... LOL

Brakes are arguably the most important component, so make sure they work how you want them to. If you don’t have confidence when you hit the brakes then you will only be able to go so fast. There is a reason most people change their MC, so if your budget allows don’t be afraid to give a Brembo a try. Good chance it will feel better to you and help you be more confident in the braking zones.

Daniel Hughes
2015 R1

You've laid out a clear path forward.  I'm going to get the current system working as good as I'm able, and then put a MC on the Upgrade Wishlist for this winter.  Thanks RocketDan.

52 Ruhe:
An aftermarket master is a pretty broad category.
A simple 19/18 , RCS will help to a point. Billet / CNC or better Brembo master or Galespeed Etc. Will make braking low effort at lever for maximum force at caliper. They modulate better and provide a higher degree of feel.
The higher end models with give you a greater level of consistency. Beyond that some models build in ease of maintaining or better placed bleed circuits

Do you need it? Your call. The higher degree of force for lower effort at the lever I get with the unit I run it’s worth it over the day.
Brembo makes good fluid but if I recall it’s on the $$$$$ side. As often as you should be running fresh clean fluid through. Motul or any spec fluid should be fine. Just don’t be shy about running fresh every so often.
Masters run from Stock all the way up to $10,000 units. I would love to be able to exploit what the hell ever a 10k master does but I simply ain’t that guy.

Thanks 52.  If I understand you correctly, your opinion is that the billet master cylinders are the sweet spot on the price/performance scale?  Something like this?

Or this?

edit for posterity: on the WERA forums they said that those particular MCs were for street use, and that the breakdown is roughly as follows:

19x18 = track
19x20 = street
19 PRS (accossato) = track/street
19 RCS (brembo) = track/street


I find that even the entry level Brembo MkII GP master cylinder is a major upgrade from a stock GSX-R master cylinder.  Along with the Brembo RCS 19 or Corsa Corta.  Any of the above mentioned master cylinders provide more braking power that most track day guys can exploit the full capability of.  Also with the MkII starting at like $310.00 and the Corsa Corta 19 starting at $385 it is well worth the upgrade.  Just my 2 cents.  And besides the vendor at every PRE Trackday brings these Brembos to every trackday.


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