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Benefits of upgraded master cylinder?

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--- Quote from: 52 Ruhe on April 22, 2021, 07:05:02 AM ---Worth the wait IMHO

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Twist my arm why dontcha!  Just ordered a set.  They're not gonna be here in time for CMP (unless miracles do happen) so I'll be riding around naked.  Look out, ladies!   :tiphat:


--- Quote from: theottergod on April 22, 2021, 07:59:04 AM ---I've got some AirTech fairings on the way for my RC51. They said about 4 weeks for production and 1 week to ship them from CA. I'll let you know what they're like when I get them. In the meantime for a quick fix it's worth looking at some (you guessed it) facebook groups/facebook marketplace to see if anyone has some fairings for sale. I'm in a Nc/Sc/Tn Motorcycles Sale/trade group and GSXR parts come through there on the reg.

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Thanks!  I don't do Facebook but if you happen to see anything interesting please pass it along.   :thumbup:

Before anyone calls me a Luddite, I created my Facebook account in August 2005.  Back then you could not join unless you had an active .edu address from a select list of Universities, and it was a very different place than it is now.  But somewhere around 2012 I realized Facebook had become a cesspool and I no longer wanted to swim in it.  :popcorn:

Zip ties will fix anything. Just repair what you have until you replace it.


--- Quote from: JRA on April 22, 2021, 04:15:10 PM ---Zip ties will fix anything. Just repair what you have until you replace it.

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I have a PhD in Ductapeology.  I can fix it.   :thumbup:

Yeah, a lot of stuff out of stock at the moment.  Air tech fairings are nice, however they make them when you order them on anything not current.  Plus side is that the keep their molds so you can get stuff for all kinds of old bikes as well, unlike a lot of the other body companies.  Shark skins are super nice.  Armour Bodies are good as well but almost everything is on back order.


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