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VIR North, Sep.14th riding shotgun? Winston-Salem


My bike isn't going to be ready in time to participate, but I thought it may be a fun to ride along with someone and get to know some of you all and see how everything is run. I don't have any specific skills or abilities to offer, but I personally think I'm fun to be around. Plus, I'll pitch in on gas money and promise not to fart while inside the vehicle. (Disclaimer: Needy flatulence that follows me into the vehicle as a result of its inability to let go, is not my responsibility and therefore not part of the "Breaking Wind" policy)
I live in Winston-Salem, but could meet you in a well lit, public location if you are passing through.

Steve Gould:
Hey Ryan,
I'm in Winston. PM me with your number and I'll give you a call.




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