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Might need assistance trasnporting my bike to VIR from Raleigh area


I plan on doing my first track day August 17th at VIR, my bike and Gear are ready to go but I don't have a method of getting my bike to and from the track from Clayton, NC. In theory I could ride it there being that its only about an hour and a half from me...but being my first track day, I feel that it is unwise to do so and that I'm sure ill be pooped and not want to ride back.

Willing to chip in on gas/fuel for the transport. I was planning on going up sunday night and getting a hotel and getting to the track at 630 monday or so to unload the bike and gear and get ready for tech inspection.

I was going to borrow my friends truck but he traded it in on a new Truck and I don't feel comfortable borrowing his new truck, I feel that it's impolite to ask that since I wouldn't be willing to lend my brand new truck for several thousand miles...

I'm exploring other options to get my bike there but wanted to post this to have a plan set in place regardless. (I'm originally from Virginia and have only lived down here about a year and a half. all my close friends and family are back in Southwest Virginia otherwise id borrow one of their vehicles)

thanks guys and gals!

As a last resort you could always rent a F150 from uhaul or something along those lines. I am sure someone can help you out tho. Just trying to keep your options open

Not sure if this an option for you, but there are plenty of folks who tow a small trailer (uhaul or small motorcycle trailer) behind their cars. Raleigh is not too far to VIR.....just an idea

I'm looking into the Uhaul truck as a last resort. its just money I wasn't planning on spending. its about $140 for me to rent it.

And ive thought about hooking a trailer to my Audi. I don't have a hitch or a trailer yet. My main concern is that my car is a 1999 Audi A4 with 220k+ miles on it. as far as I know it has the ORIGINAL clutch in it. I've had it since high school and its my main form of transportation. While it would probably be fine to pull my bike with, I'd prefer to not put any excess stress on the clutch until I have my shop built and can pull the trans and put a new clutch in it myself.

pulling approximately 800-1000lbs including bike, trailer, gear and an extra person might be too much for the clutch. It's already showing signs of it being on its last legs :-/

thanks for the ideas though! I think the uhaul truck is going to be my best bet.


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