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Author Topic: New to PRE and to trackdays  (Read 2793 times)

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Re: New to PRE and to trackdays
« Reply #15 on: June 20, 2018, 12:50:43 PM »

Welcome to the addiction Lee. Thanks for coming out and checking us out.
I think the leap to multiple days back to back can present challenges financially sometimes but IMHO accelerates learning. Ride, work with CR. Work on things being taught. Sleep and process new info and you will find the next day the things that worked for you are more natural feeling. It will help you ingrain good habits.
Another key always go out with a plan. Even if it is as simple as hold throttle open a little longer into x corner.

Hope to see you back out there soon.

Without getting into a big metacognition discussion/explanation (because I just did that with my students yesterday and I'm too tired), I'll just say that riding two days in a row at the same track will help you retain your knowledge of the track better for your next visit, too.

And Lee, don’t forget to go and check out your track pictures. Always fun to document your first track day. I think Josh got a shot of you in the rider meeting so look at the paddock photos too.

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Having photos of yourself at the track is mega (I've been watching too much IOMTT, lol). They're instructive ("I thought I was leaned over way more; looks like I have a LOT more lean angle I can get out of this bike!"), ego boosting (sometimes), and motivating (I have a screensaver of lots of track pics, reminding me that more fun is just around the corner; it gets me through the dull work days). Memories of good times on my screen = happiness.

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