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Author Topic: A word about safety (okay, several words, lol)  (Read 322 times)

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A word about safety (okay, several words, lol)
« on: March 13, 2018, 06:58:12 AM »

As we prepare for the 2018 season opener I want to share some things I've been thinking about recently.

By now most of you have probably seen our posts or newsletter about the 2018 fundraiser. We've already had several offers of support and we greatly appreciate that. From day one we knew we wanted to continue to work to improve safety at track day and racing events. This also includes another goal we think is important; changing the culture from what we think it's been in the past- one where we believe safety was not a primary focus in an inherently dangerous sport- to one where it is the number one priority. And just to be clear (as many of you already know) safety has always been our primary focus, but you can't expect that to be true at every track day organization.

Changing the culture is not just about purchasing Airfence, but it's also about changing attitudes. It's about getting as many riders as possible to understand the risks, and commit to doing what they can to make things safer. Obviously this can mean helping with the Airfence, supporting the fundraiser, etc., but it's more than that. People are hurt and killed in this sport every year and we want to do all we can to minimize these accidents. 

So what can you do as someone who supports these goals?

I think first we all need to understand that riding motorcycles at high speeds on a race track is a dangerous sport. With that in mind we should commit to riding within our own limits to minimize our own mistakes.

We are all human and therefore even the best intended make mistakes, so we have to accept that a crash could happen. That crash could cause injury to ourselves and/or someone else. Remember every time you ride out onto the track that your actions could impact more people than just you. Other riders, and your family just to name two. This is why it's so important that we ride within our own ability. Keeping your bike on two wheels is your number one responsibility.

Buy and wear the best safety gear you can afford. Make decisions on what to buy based on the effectiveness of its protection and not its cost. Wear it religiously. Never wear compromised gear.

Maintain your motorcycle. We believe our technical inspection is more thorough than anybody else's, but we can't identify every potential problem. You have to take responsibility for your equipment and that it is safe for you to ride, and also for the others who around you on the track.

Make sure you have adequate insurance coverage in the event you are injured. Life flights are one of the methods used to get injured riders quickly to a trauma center, but they frequently aren't covered under normal insurance policies. Know what coverage's you have.

When the opportunity presents itself we hope you'll do what you can to talk with other riders about safety. Encourage them to adopt the things I've mentioned above. Help convince them that they shouldn't accept a track environment where Airfence is available but not being used, or where 45 pieces are available but only a few are being used. It's impossible to make a race track safe, but it can be made safer. Try to convince others to become actively involved in furthering safety. Just think how much could be accomplished if there were hundreds, or thousands more like minded people who worked toward this goal.

Lastly, please continue to support our fundraiser. We are using our platform here at PRE to do what we can, but we can't do it without a lot of help. Many, many people have been very generous over the years helping us to accomplish the things we have done so far. I think that if we continue to work to provide more Airfence, and at the same time work to have as many rider's as possible adopt a safety first attitude, that we'll make a much bigger impact on overall safety than we can with just Airfence alone. Airfence protects us only in certain situations, but the right mindset can help protect us, and everyone around us, in all situations.

Just some food for thought guys.

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John Allen
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Re: A word about safety (okay, several words, lol)
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2018, 08:04:03 AM »

Truth.  “You can’t win a track day, but you can lose one.”
Joel #666 :cr:

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Re: A word about safety (okay, several words, lol)
« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2018, 10:16:45 AM »

Nice write up JRA.  :thumbup:

Truth.  “You can’t win a track day, but you can lose one.”

False, I win every trackday. I get to go fast and hangout with awesome people. If that's not winning then I don't know what is?
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Nick "uno" Munson


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Re: A word about safety (okay, several words, lol)
« Reply #3 on: March 13, 2018, 05:55:05 PM »

Nice write up JRA.  :thumbup:

:agree: :tiphat:
Thank you John!
Nicole #337
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Re: A word about safety (okay, several words, lol)
« Reply #4 on: March 13, 2018, 07:35:06 PM »

S/S # 47: Malpractice Makes Perfect!
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Re: A word about safety (okay, several words, lol)
« Reply #5 on: March 13, 2018, 09:48:33 PM »

Good stuff, John!

I'm not slow; I'm deliberate :D
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Re: A word about safety (okay, several words, lol)
« Reply #6 on: March 17, 2018, 05:31:24 AM »

Great food for thought.   :thumbup:
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