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Author Topic: Various Sports Action Camera Options for Sale  (Read 231 times)

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Various Sports Action Camera Options for Sale
« on: February 16, 2018, 02:01:50 PM »

Hey PRE Peeps!

Over the years I've tried several different sports action camera options and I realized last night that I need to start clearing some of these out.

So, in no particular order I have the following items for sale. Note that the prices shown below do not include shipping. If you buy the item(s) I can bring them to a PRE event or I can ship them to you, but shipping will be extra.

Optrix iPhone5 video case - $25
For a while I was using my iPhone in a case to record rear-facing video, link up with a GoPro via WiFi and track GPS using an app called Harry's Laptimer to stitch everything together. Overall it worked pretty well - but after a few times of me forgetting to latch the case closed (true story - once at Road Atlanta, then again at VIR North) I decided I needed to go a different route. Maybe you're less forgetful than me and want to try this out? I modified the original Optrix case so it's compatible with GoPro mounts. It'll come as pictured - one of the mounts broke - but it'll help you choose the right GoPro mount to replace it with. Does have a scratch on the touchscreen membrane which isn't noticeable when the phone is in the case.

Optrix PhotoX iPhone 5 case - $35
Ironically, this case was delivered the day after I got back from VIR when I forgot to latch the other case the second time. I bought this case because it has multiple lenses and I thought it might be cool to have a 'flatter' rear view image. It's unmodified (I think I opened the box just to look at it) and has Optrix's original mounting structure (different than GoPro) but I can show you how to modify it like I did with the original Optrix using a Dremel.

Two (2) Lightdow L4000 1080P Full HD Cameras - $30 each
These Lightdow cameras are of similar size/shape as a GoPro and use the same mounts. The cameras are in a case and have a ton of accessories with them (all present) including an extra battery in each box. You setup the camera through it's rear mounted touch screen and they both work very well. They DO NOT come with a memory card - you'll have to pick up a 32M card (max size they support) to use with the cam. Both camera cases have been drilled for safety wire and one of the cases still has the wire attached (was using a wire with 2 pins for the other camera - might still have it in the tool case if the buyer wants it). While the audio/video quality is pretty decent it's not at the level of a top of the line GoPro (I was using them for 'body position cameras') but then again good luck getting a GoPro with what's included here for $30!

Check out the following photos:

Wasabi battery 2-pack and charger for above Lightdow cameras - $15
I always buy extra batteries (even though the cameras came with an extra) so I have juice ready to go.

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