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Title: Help with suit sizing
Post by: jneal1531 on November 30, 2016, 02:21:10 PM
Hey, i am new to pre and track riding. I am looking foward to riding with everybody this comming year. I need a few things to get started and a suit is prob my biggest problem. I wear a bottom sedici #16 for legs and tore them up pretty good last year. Its a us 30 and fit me like a glove. Ive tryed different tops on and they are way to tight. Im 6'4" and weigh around 175. Any tips or suggestions?
Title: Re: Help with suit sizing
Post by: JRA on November 30, 2016, 03:58:30 PM
Well first off welcome to PRE. We're glad you're here and taking advantage of the knowledge available on this message board. I'm sure Susan will be along soon to advise you a riding gear. It sounds like you've been wearing a two piece. If you are going to buy something new that you will use mostly for the track I highly recommend a 1 piece suit. I'm sure there are off the rack options that will work for you. Worst case you could buy off the rack and have some alterations done to it to get the perfect fit.
Title: Re: Help with suit sizing
Post by: TrackSide Gear on December 02, 2016, 06:59:38 AM
jneal1531, so sorry for the delay in getting back to you about the question regarding proper leather sizing.  :doh:

A proper fit is CRUCIAL to your leathers providing the best possible protection if you should down on the track.  Your leathers should not roll, bunch or be too loose.  An improper fit can lead to possible injury due to shifting, popped seams etc.  We agree with John Allen, the one piece suit is the best form of protection, simply because there is less risk of injury due to the zipper that connects the two pieces coming apart.
Your height and weight indicates you should start with a US48.  But depending on your build athletic, slim, gym or desk jockey, you may be able to go down in size to a US46.   Sizing really depends on the suit too, some suits are more forgiving in the midsection and others are known to be longer in the inseam.   

If you would like to give me a call directly, I can talk with you more about sizing options and give you some prices too.

Thanks for your question.  We are here to help.   :tiphat:

Susan Tapscott
Title: Re: Help with suit sizing
Post by: 52 Ruhe on December 15, 2016, 08:11:16 AM
Hey welcome to PRE and look forward to hitting the track with you in 2017.
Not mentioned is that Tommy and Susan rent gear. This is a great way to find a fit. I must admit it can get frustrating trying to find the suit that fits perfect. I am not an off the rack guy. Trackside Gear provides a great opportunity to try before you buy.

Come on April 3rd let's ride!!!!