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 on: Today at 09:46:47 AM 
Started by bigshug1 - Last post by bigshug1
^ This should be a fantastic addition to our sticky section when you begin piecing this together....

How in the world did I ever get anything accomplished before the internet and YouTube?  :D

 on: Today at 09:26:20 AM 
Started by sportracer07 - Last post by Steve Gould
Most of the time it's fork alignment. With the wheel off insert the axle through the forks to make certain it slides in and out with no resistance or deflection.

 on: Today at 07:32:03 AM 
Started by Kyle M - Last post by 52 Ruhe
tell him to mow those sideburns

 on: Today at 07:31:29 AM 
Started by 52 Ruhe - Last post by 52 Ruhe
Well right now its just parts sourcing while I wait to take delivery.

Rearsets - Attack
Clip ons - Evol Tech
Bodywork - Shark Skiz
Exhaust - Graves
Electronics - YEC Kit Harness, YEC Kit Box, Translogic Auto Blip
Brakes Still up in the air there for now will kill the ABS for sure
Suspension- Ohlins TTX front Rear  Steering Damper
Radiator Guards - Yosh
Fast Franked Captive spacers, caliper mount QC axles
SE Comp Tank Shroud, Shark Fin
Left control 5 button pod.
Samco- Hoses
Replace Pads with XX.
Thats it for now. Will be making things like easy bushing to remove rear shock, Rectifier mount to put it in a safe spot, and various brackets and such for radiator overflow etc etc etc. Think we have enough go pros to do a multi angle build video. Stay tuned.

 on: Today at 07:12:05 AM 
Started by 52 Ruhe - Last post by the-uno
I will be monitoring this thread very closely.

 on: February 21, 2018, 07:01:34 PM 
Started by bigshug1 - Last post by 52 Ruhe
Photo and video tear down and build coming soon in the Blank Canvass thread in Tech. Mike is 100% correct a quick clean wipe down and good inspection after events or when you do your wrenching. Key is not just getting it clean but knowing what you are looking for. You consider a part and how it interacts with the other items in its system or sub system. Then you consider the friction or other time or wear potential. IE brake pads you can look at brake pads and know if they are gonna be good for the day or not so. Tires same thing. measure the distance from pin 1 to pin 12 of your chain. Note how much stretch, Bearings every wheel and tire change. If they are a little stiff. Source why or replace. For $20 a bearing is way cheaper than a seized wheel going through the kink.
On this new build I plan to go item by item for build but also do a maintenance, upkeep segment as well. Be patient as this is gonna be pretty involved.

Quick post event

-Body work off, clean and repair any damage replace any failing fastener.
-Fluid inspection and or flush and change. Oil is hours, coolant is events as is brake fluid. I will not give my schedule as you would think me nuts or wasteful
-Wheels off. Clean bearing check. Address any issues new rubber, runout on rotor etc
-Wipe frame swing arm linkage etc down. After wet day or every 6th I do a full link clean and re grease, confirm my ride height
-Check pads clean calipers- Rebuild calipers during off season
-Cable inspection throttle / clutch
-After every 2 days replace air filter, clean dry and re oil re bag  removed filter Having 3 filters makes cycling easier
-check every nut and bolt, side covers rear sets etc every bolt nut screw
-Remount Bodywork, wipe down with Honda Spray cover bike go get huge glass of Old Fitz Birthday Bourbon drink and know my stuff is ready for next event.
The next day is gear inspection and cleaning. Then we fit in rig clean and re stock. Reload and then its hook up and go for next event.
Ton of work it seems but its also rare as hell you see me working on my bike at the track except for suspension adjustments. Whats more important on track I am 100% confident if something goes wrong. It's me not the bikes fault.

 on: February 21, 2018, 06:17:17 PM 
Started by bigshug1 - Last post by bigshug1
I generally do all the normal stuff, as you guys mentioned...

Oil, coolant, brake fluid bleed, etc. - and I give the bike as thorough a once-over as I can. I've started marking bolts with a yellow paint pen after Joel mentioned that he did it and it makes an easy visual reference for me to see if something has worked its way loose.

That said, this will be the first year I tear down my brake calipers...because up until this year, I wasn't aware that was a "thing" we needed to do on the somewhat regular.

And speaking of bolts and bike setups - are there any things specific to "A" group that are required for those folks but would be a good idea for the rest of us, too? I know I have a long way to go before I'm riding advanced, but making my bike safer is what I'm really after here.......

 on: February 21, 2018, 04:44:19 PM 
Started by bigshug1 - Last post by JRA
At a minimum service the basic stuff. Change the oil, as mentioned clean it up real well and inspect wear parts like brakes, chain, and sprockets. In addition I would torque all of the visible bolts.

 on: February 21, 2018, 04:06:51 PM 
Started by bigshug1 - Last post by jbasim51
It doesn't have to be a complete tear down. I do it mostly to occupy the time but regular/routine maintenance as mentioned will keep you from missing sessions at the track because you took care of it in the shop. Brakes, chains, sprockets, fluid changes will help but you will be amazed at what you find just cleaning your bike after an event. Cleaning leads to inspection. Inspection leads to questioning . Questioning leads to replacing. Replacing/refreshing leads to happy times at the track.

 on: February 21, 2018, 02:15:58 PM 
Started by bigshug1 - Last post by MBB1
My bike is a 2006 GSXR. Usually, I just send my bike to Jim at Max Speed for major work.  :thumbup:

 First thing is, I keep my bike clean! If you wash your bike, you will get to know the bike and when it's clean, you can find issues more easily. I had a steering damper fail at Road Atlanta last year, because the bike was clean, it was easy to trace the culprit.  If you have leaking fork seals, grease flying around from your wheel bearings, brake dust everywhere, track grit and grime, all over the bike and a bad steering damper the issue could be harder to determine. 

-Wash, lube chain and cables-After every track weekend
-Torque checks & safety wire- Prior to track days and during weekend
-Oil and Filter Change- Every other weekend
-Suspension Refresh- Every year
-Chassis Refresh- Every other year
-Chain and Sprockets- Every Chassis Refresh


-When I change the tires, I always check brake pad wear and I always have an extra complete set of pads with me, just in case. 
-I always zip tie the dzus fasteners, one to another for the lower fairing. :wow:  Yeah, lower fairings have come off!
-Safety Wire Oil Drain Plug, the Dip Stick/Cap and Radiator Cap at a minimum.

Hey sorry about the tangent, but hope this helps.




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