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Howdy, had a little issue with my bike last time out and that it was draining the battery. Bought a new one and still drained out after about seven laps at VIR. Figured I’d replace the rectifier since when I checked it the ground was not up to par. I suspect it may have been where I relocated the rectifier. It was in the front fairing but when I converted it to race trim, I had to put in the very back in the tail. Doesn’t get much airflow back there so maybe it overheated. Bike is a Kawi 636..

Question; those that had to relocate the rectifier,  what is the best location? I’m thinking of mounting it directly under the battery tray above the rear shock.  Does it need adequate airflow? Do we have to consider if the new location getting wet?
I Appreciate any advice.

 thank you

I am no help on the rectified relocation question, but have you confirmed the stator is charging properly?

Daniel Hughes
2015 R1

Hi haven’t confirmed but tested the rectifier (checking resistance in each lead) and it seems bad.

To check the alternator I plan on disconnecting the alternator lead connector and test in the leads to see output voltages. Then if that checks out then I’ll check the starter coil resistance.  checked the relay and it seems fine.
Are there any other alternatives or checks I should perform? And how?

Thanks for any advice!

Also does anyone have an extra functional rectifier for a 2013-2016 Kawasaki 636?

Just let me know the details, thank you.

Just make sure when you test the stator/alternator that your voltmeter is set to AC. Seen a few meters go up in smoke this way.


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