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I know as much about generators as I do about most things in life.  Which is nothing at all.

It looks like we're going to want one that will power two sets of warmers and a few fans.

What do we want to buy?

Also, does this look right?

CMP - rent a garage it has power and a reduced number of ants
VIR N - plenty of power everywhere
VIR S - get there early and set up an armed perimeter around an outlet that will probably trip out anyway, or bring a generator
VIR Patriot - bring a generator
RA - plenty of power everywhere
NCBike - bring a generator
RRR - plenty of power everywhere

I have the HF Predator 3500. I have approx. 300 hrs on it and it has been flawless.
The key with the Chinesium generators is the startup process. Spend the time to break it in properly and it will last a good long time.

Here is my procedure:
Step 1: Remove the spark plug and put some Lucas Stabilizer oil in the cylinder and pull the starter cord slowly for 1 min.
Step 2: Fill the crankcase with a 50/50 mix of Lucas Oil and your oil of choice(15w/40 Rotella for me)
Step 3: Crank the engine and run it for 1 min, with no load.
Step 4: Drain the oil and be amazed at the amount of metal shavings that come out of the crankcase. It is shocking and these engines to not have oil filters.
Step 5: Refill crankcase with oil and run it for 5 min. with no load. There won't be as much metal, but still alarming.
Step 6: Refill crankcase with oil and run for 15 min, with a light load(small heater) then drain the oil again.
Step 7: Refill crankcase with oil and stick with 50hr oil changes.

The Predator also has an issue of air starvation, but a couple of holes in the oil fill door solves that.

Even if most places have reliable power it pays to have a generator. I've been at both North and South where there has been a power outage from the utility and not related to glitches with power poles in the paddock. If you just assume that anyone who is serious about this sport needs a generator then the question is just what do you need? Probably one of the Predator's would be fine although I have a couple of Honda's that I've had for about fifteen years. Never a problem with either and they both have a lot of hours on them. You can find a lot of reviews of the Predator on you tube.

Thanks John, and thanks fireman for the detailed break-in procedure.  It looks like even Consumer Reports gives the Predator a thumbs-up and I'm leaning in that direction.

But if I were to splurge on a Honda or a Yamaha (assuming Yamaha generators are reliable unlike Yamaha R1s), does anyone know where you can get the best deals on them?

edit - and do the Predators ever go on sale, or is $870 the best price for the 3500?

The Predators do go on sale frequently. I feel like I’ve seen them in the $700-$750 range on occasion. But I haven’t looked in probably a year.

Daniel Hughes
2015 R1


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