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PSA 2015+ R1 Crank Sensor failure


A number of people with 2015 R1s have recently had issues with their Crank Position Sensor failing. Seems that with repeated track use the sensor starts to fail around the six year mark….

My bike was running perfect and then went “dead stick” and wouldn’t run again. Others have had the bike lose power or misfire then work fine after powering the bike off and back on. So the failing sensor can do funny things and doesn’t seem to give the exact same symptoms between bikes. The codes on my bike also didn’t point directly to the cam sensor.

If you have have an R1 with a bunch of track miles it would be a good idea to go ahead and have one as a back up. The unit comes as part of the Stator. Link below shows the item.

I also went ahead and preemptively changed my Cam Position Sensor as there is a chance it could have a similar lifespan.

Daniel Hughes
2015 R1


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