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Rear spring collar-to-spring tolerance?


I’ve got a new spring for my 2nd gen r6 direct drone racetech.

Got the single collar bushing spacer that they recommended and have the old spring off.

My question- how much lateral play is acceptable at either end of the spring?

I started to install it and noticed that there was some play in between them.

Orm had about 1.5-2mm

The new bushing has about that on the ID to the od of the stock collar
The new spring has about 3.5 to the of of the bushing.
Totaling what seems like a wobbly ~5mm...

Tried getting racetech with no responses.

Do I have the wrong spacer bushing?
Am I being paranoid? Is that much play normal?

Any insight from the gurus is much appreciated

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Some play is ok.  Plus once the correct amount of preload is put on the spring it will not move.  Also the load put on it is straight.  There is no side load at all so the chances of it moving are nil.


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