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Author Topic: How is your pit setup going  (Read 982 times)

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How is your pit setup going
« on: January 15, 2020, 11:31:46 AM »

As we are getting closer to the opening date (March 30th Yeah!) we need to look at our pit setup.   I know it is easy to get wrapped up in all the cool stuff for our bikes and forget that we need to tend to the pit area.  Were you fully prepared last year?  Was your pit comfy and organized.  If not, now is the time to remedy that situation.  Here are some suggestions to moving closer to the type of pit area you would like to hang out in.  Of course all of these suggestions can be tweaked to your personal taste.

Chairs - basic I know but is it comfortable, or even possibly broken from last year.  Get a new one.  Do you
           have friends that visit your pit?  Get two.  Don't want any visitors?  Buy one.
Shade - What is your canopy situation like?  Is it sturdy? Ripped or some of the braces broken?  There are
             many options out there.  I know some are much more expensive than others but you do get what you
             pay for.  Having more than one always extends your shade area making a nicer pit area.
Canopy anchors - Make sure you have a secure way of holding your canopy from blowing away.  Many of us
                          use 5 gallon bucket and fill them with water at the track.  What ever method you use make
                          sure that it can hold the canopy down in strong winds.  The last thing any of us wants is to
                          find our canopy smashed into someone's truck, trailer or bike.
Rain - A big pain I know.  The rain can wreak havoc on your canopy.  One trick is to use pool noodles in the
          corners to keep the water from pooling up and stretching or possibly collapsing your canopy.
Table - Do you bring a table?  They are super helpful for obvious reasons
Fan - This is a must.  A powerful fan to cool you off between sessions and while you relax in the evening.
Small fan - A lot of us use small fans to dry our gear.  In fact, Trackside Gear sells specific fans to dry out your
Extension cords - More than one, for obvious reasons.  Include a power strip for your tire warmers.  It is also a
                          good idea to keep your tire warmers on their own circuit to make sure they are getting the
                          supply of electricity they need.
Lighting - Is it dark in your pit?  Having lights you can put in your canopy is a game changer. Rope lighting,
               or Christmas lights work well and are cheap.
Generator - Having a generator along is great.  You don't always need one but when you do.....  Also when
                   going to South Course the power is limited so bringing a generator is a MUST to insure you are
                   getting full power to your tire warmers to keep from burning them up.
A mat or a small rug - a great way to reduce the heat coming of the asphalt in your pit.  Plus it makes it a lot
                                nicer changing your tires.
Board - To put under your kickstand or trailer tongue to prevent damaging the asphalt in the paddock.
Gloves - Latex gloves are great when changing wheels and other things.  A mechanics glove or small brush is
             great when cleaning off your tires before putting the warmers on.
Tools - One does not need to bring the WHOLE toolbox but a well thought out assortment of the basic tools it
           takes to change wheels and to remove body work if necessary.
Spares - Do you have any?  If you have a bike that is not the most popular bike in the paddock, you might
             want to consider bringing some.  Even if you do have a popular bike, bringing basic things to make
             small repairs from a crash is a good consideration.
Stands - Quality bike stands are a must if you are going to use tire warmers or make wheel changes.  Brands
             such as Pitbull and Woodcraft are amoung the very best.  Don't settle for cheap stand that may cause
             your bike to fall over causing damage.
Cooler - A good cooler that holds plenty of water is a must to remain properly hydrated throughout the day.
Sunscreen - And you know why, Sunglasses
Band aids - Better yet a First Aid kit.  Nothing worse than cutting your finger and then having to put it in your
                 gloves all day.  ahhh
Food - Do you make your own food at the track?  Put together a kit with basic napkins, cutlery, and paper
          plates and cups.  A camping grill, hot plate, and the tools to cook with.
Sleeping - Ahh yes sleeping.  What is your situation there?  Having a comfortable place to sleep is essential.
               Making a place to sleep in your trailer that is comfortable is a #1 priority if you stay in your trailer.
               Renting a garage at VIR or the lodge.  Whatever you do make yourself comfortable. A good nights
               rest will help ensure at great day at the track.  Plenty of blankets and a good pillow.  Essential. 
               Don't skimp in this area.
Coffee - Do your drink coffee?  I sure do as many of you know.  I WILL NOT go to the track without it.  Coffee
            makers are cheap and well..another essential thing at the track lol
Gear - How do you manage your gear?  A gear bag is a great way to keep your gloves and boots and other
          gear together.  A helmet bag to protect your helmet.  How about a hanger to hang your leathers up?
          Trackside gear sells a very sturdy hanger to hold your leathers. 
Broom - A small broom is great for keeping your pit area and your trailer clean.  It also is good to police
            up your pit after you are packed up.
Paper towels - A big roll of paper towels, super handy.  Shop rags as well.
Rain Gear - No one likes it when it rains at the track.  Having a poncho or other rain gear and an umbrella is
                  priceless when needed.  Also bringing extra shoes and clothes should you become soaked. 
Jacket - We have all been to the track when it was supposed to be warm only to find it got cold.  Keeping a
             spare jacket with your stuff is always a good thing.

This list could go on and be even more detailed.  We could make a list of what to carry in your spares bin or your tool bin.  And of course with this list there is organizing all this stuff into bins that are easily accessible and easy to store in your trailer or pack in your truck. ( or car in Matt Spinak's case)  Having all of this stuff in good condition and ready to go is one thing, the next is to make sure it is organized well and have a place for all of it in your trailer or truck.  Trial fitting all of your gear and taking the time to fit it will make unloading and setting up at the track quicker and easier.  Also when it is time to leave it is way easier to pack up when everything has a place. 
I hope this helps some of you in the coming season.  Of course like I said Trackside Gear can help you with some of these things on the list as well as Max Speed Cycles.  We have Stands and Trailer Restraints and all the cool Transport items from Pitbull Racing to help you organize your stands in the trailer.  If you need help setting up a spares bin let us know.  We can provide what you need for typical crash repair specific to your bike.   Give us a call 336-993-6661
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Re: How is your pit setup going
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2020, 01:32:34 AM »

This is a fantastic list!

The first track day I did with N2 was at the Patriot course...and I didn’t bring anything except food. No canopy, no chairs, no sunscreen - nothing at all. Just a borrowed pickup truck and trailer and my bike. Had to sit in the truck between sessions and run the AC just to stay cool. Lesson learned.

Since then, I make it a point to check out everyone else’s setup to make sure I have what I need to keep me happy, comfortable and focused on the racetrack  :cool:
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