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Author Topic: NC BIKE Tires!!!  (Read 2114 times)

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NC BIKE Tires!!!
« on: August 01, 2017, 08:50:15 AM »

Ok NC BIKE is just around the corner and so this brings us to another post about tires.  IF YOU NEED ANYTHING out of the ordinary or a large quantity of something, NOW IS THE TIME TO ORDER IT.  NOT 3 days before the event.  What is out of the ordinary you ask?  Well that would be RAINS, ALPHA's, MOTO 3 TIRES, ect.  What we WILL have are 165,190,200 & 120 slicks, 120 and 190 GPA Pro's, 160 & 190 D211's, (very limited 190 D211).  I will be ordering on Friday at NOON!  Also if you need any particular part or parts you can call the shop and order those as well and we will deliver to the track.  Just call 336-993-6661 and we will be glad to help you out.  If you would like us to take your bike back to the shop and make repairs or upgrades you can reserve a spot in advance.  We only have two spots left as someone has already claimed one.  Thank you very much.  See you guys at the track.

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