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Author Topic: 2022 tires PLEASE READ AND SHARE  (Read 642 times)

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« on: March 07, 2022, 11:54:45 AM »

A new season is upon us and again I will let everyone know what we will be carrying for tires.  PLEASE listen to this message, it will save you trouble later.  I will go over some things that we answer a billion questions about, so hopefully this will clear some things up.

What we will have on the trailer.
DUNLOP SLICKS: 200/60.   180/60.  165/55.  120/70   We will have these in Md and Soft compond
Rains:  ONE SET of 185 and 120
Q4s:  190/55.  180/55.  120/70
Q3s.  190/55.  180/55.  120/70

We ALWAYS bring these tires to the track. 


Mounting tires purchased from us at the track that day: Free
Mounting or flipping any other tire: $25.00  (first price increase in 7 years)

If you need something different, Size, compound, or even brand.  We can help.  HOWEVER you must give us
2 WEEKS to get what you need to bring to the track. 
(note  we cannot get slicks in other brands, just street tires, ie: Pirelli Rosso ect. )

How do you go about getting this.  Easy  Call the shop  336-993-6661. 
Do not hit me up on facebook.  Again  Do not hit me up on facebook.  You will proably not get your stuff that way. 
Call the shop 336-993-6661

We can also bring you parts. You just have to call the shop.  336-993-6661

The email address to contact us at is    Please use this address.

We can take your bike back to the shop for repairs, modifications, suspension, tuning.  Depending on where you live and the track schedule we can bring it back to the track for you.   Of course depending on the type of work you want done and our shop schedule we may or may not be able to complete this work before the very next track day.

I hope this message is helpful and answers some of your questions.  We are looking forward to helping you guys this track season.

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